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Who is Beth Brown?

Author Beth Brown

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My body of work includes essays, scripts, short stories, and award-winning books. I often explore dark themes in my writing and I enjoy making readers take a new and different look at unexplained or unsolved events.

While my works range in genre from history and true crime to science fiction, they all share the excitement that comes with the exploration and discovery of the unknown.

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Speaker Beth Brown

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Since 2007, I've been delivering engaging and informative presentations and workshops to audiences about writing, history, and the latest in paranormal research and investigation.

From conventions and conferences to classrooms and libraries, these multimedia events are designed to both educate and entertain.

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Researcher Beth Brown

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Historical and archival research are both occupational necessities and personal passions for me. In addition to document-based study, I rely heavily on field experiments and witness interviews for much of my work.

Recognition for my work with unexplained phenomena has secured my place as a Professional Member of the Rhine Research Center since 2009.

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What People Are Saying

M. P. Hayes

Amazon Reader

"This is a great little mystery with an unusual resolution. My almost-10-year-old ate this book up with a spoon. Strong and smart heroines? Check. Mysterious happenings? check. Danger and salvation? Check and check."

C. Yoo

Amazon Reader

"The thorough research undertaken is evident throughout, and Beth recounts her own experiences as well as the legends and present day paranormal experiences of others. Photographs of days past and the present and descriptions of the sites enhance the reader's experience of Virginia's haunted history."


Amazon Reader

"While reading the book, you can actually feel the hairs on the back of your neck standing up. Beth Brown will leaving you asking for 'more, please.'"

Patti Starr

Conference Organizer

"Beth Brown is smart, funny, and simply charming."

Nicole Wolfong

Event Coordinator

"No other speaker draws standing-room only crowds like she does!"

Brian Byers

Conference Organizer

"Beth Brown captivates the audience with her humor and out-of-the-box style of thinking. She always finds a way to blend the supernatural with scientific reasoning, and people love that about her."

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